February 12

About construction in our garden

Considering the versatility of what we can learn from children about construction in our garden over time, you should endeavor to refurbish it less specifically, so that not to be obliged to do it again when you decide to use it differently. Well, you may be more particular when it comes to refurbishing your kitchen and shower room, supposedly maintaining their use as such. But even in this case, you can’t ignore the need for consistency with the main room, in relation to style or color scheme.

As concerns the kitchen, both for the sake of its cleanness and aesthetic look, you could tile it in marble, especially in some shades not far from white, such as latte, milky, creamy or honey nuances that could match almost any color you’ll settle for in the main room. If you use also unpolished tiles, they will look both natural and neutral, exactly the combination you need.

Concerning the shower room, this will be for sure a separate room and, as such, your refurbishment scope will be wider, both in terms of color and material. Still, you couldn’t allow strong contrasts, spoiling the overall harmony of your garden building; for example, there is no way a shower room tiled with vivid red travertine could match a main room in a minimalist style and subdued colors. But marble tiles in pastels and simple patterns would look warm and be likely to fit both the style and color palette of the main room.

Regarding the latter, if you mean it to serve as a dining room or garden office, then a formal, easy to clean floor would be fitting; therefore, natural stone would be a sensible choice. But if, on the contrary, you consider some living functions such as summerhouse, guest room or children room, then the more casual and warmer laminated timber floor would be superior. As to the walls, considering the same versatility of your garden construction, keep them better painted in light shades, to be sure to fit not only future color schemes imposed by different uses, but also whatever furniture items and accessories you may bring in here over time.

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